KF Technology, on the scientific research market since 1990, develops and distributes equipment, systems and services for scientific research. Our activity is mainly oriented towards the scientific, medical and industrial sectors.

The Neurophysiology Division distributes a wide range of scientific, international and leader brands Systems Physiology Instruments, including stimulators, intra- and extracellular amplifiers, and patch-clamp, electrodes, insulated wires and capillary tubing. Also,  multi-electrode array (MEA) system, perfusion systems, syringe pumps, micromanipulators, cellular micro-injection systems, software and electrophysiological accessories, microsurgery tools for animals, animal anesthesia systems, images acquisition, Stereotaxic , fluorometer systems, antivibration and optical tables..wireless neural recording and stimulation...biomedical equipment for neuroscience, biophysics and pharmaceutical research*

"KF Technology sviluppa e commercializza apparecchi, sistemi e servizi per la ricerca scientifica"

Our systems & Our brands: Narishige, VetEquip, A-M Systems, Turner Scientific LLC -  NeuroNexus, Alpha MED Scientific, INDUS instruments , C.E.D. Uk, Axon Devices, Automate Scientific , Digitimer, A.M.P.I., Syntec, Kinetics Systems, ATTO Pumps, Hum-Bug noise delay, WPI Europe, Campden Instruments, Bioscience Tools,  division of Harvard Bioscience the Triangle BioSystems International, F.S.T., New Era Syringe Pumps, ASI Aurora Scientific, Zeiss, Luigs & Neumann, Marzhauser - Plexon inc. - - DELL Computer Partner  ....Sorridente is one of the leading suppliers for sophisticated life science research instrumentation !

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KF Technology S.r.l. - Via A.Bocchi, 84 00125 Roma - tel. 06 45434179 - fax 06 97253131 - Cell. 339 5330322 - - P.IVA 07080681005

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