KF Technology develops and distributes equipment, systems and services for scientific research. Our activity is mainly oriented towards the scientific, medical and industrial sectors.

The Neurophysiology Division distributes a wide range of scientific, international and leader brands Systems Physiology Instruments, including stimulators, intra- and extracellular amplifiers, and patch-clamp, electrodes, insulated wires and capillary tubing. Also,  multi-electrode array (MEA) system, perfusion systems, syringe pumps, micromanipulators, cellular micro-injection systems, software and electrophysiological accessories, microsurgery tools for animals, animal anesthesia systems, images acquisition, Stereotaxic , fluorometer systems, antivibration and optical tables..wireless neural recording and stimulation...biomedical equipment for neuroscience, biophysics and pharmaceutical research*

KF Technology sviluppa e commercializza apparecchi, sistemi e servizi per la ricerca scientifica.

Our systems & Our brands: Narishige, VetEquip, A-M Systems, NeuroNexus, Alpha MED Scientific, PTI Photon Technology, CED Uk, Axon Molecular Devices, Automate Scientific , Digitimer, A.M.P.I., Syntec, Kinetics Systems, ATTO Pumps, Hum-Bug noise delay, WPI Laboratory Equipment, Campden Instruments, Bioscience Tools, division of Harvard Bioscience the Triangle BioSystems International, F.S.T., New Era Syringe Pumps, ASI Aurora Scientific, Zeiss, luigs-neumann, DELL Computer Partner  ....Sorridente... is one of the leading suppliers for sophisticated life science research instrumentation !


KF Technology S.r.l. - Via A.Bocchi, 84 00125 Roma - tel. 06 45434179 - fax 06 97253131 - Cell. 339 5330322 - - P.IVA 07080681005

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