Cellgraph AB-3000B

Cellgraph AB-3000B

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ATTO Cellgraph AB-3000B is an imaging system designed to detect extremely weak bioluminescent signals from a single cell. In combination with luciferase markers, ATTO Cellgraph can visualize the cell dynamics - time dependent changes of transcriptional activities in individual cells and localization to inner cell components (organelles).

ATTO Cellgraph provides a variety of advanced features to serve living cell studies;

  • The ultrasensitive cooled and back-illuminated EMCCD (Electron Multiplying CCD) offers single photon sensitivity, certified with a patented procedure to measure total luminescence intensity as photon counts.
  • The incubation system enables long-term culture under controlled temperature and 5% carbon dioxide gas circulation.
  • The multicolor detection system is equipped for multi reporter assay with up to 2 different color filters, which enhances sensitivity to extra weak bioluminescence and gives an internal standard basis.
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