Pink MC50 BAT

Pink MC50 BAT

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Pink MC50 BAT
Cordless microscope with built in battery and optional available solar panel

Pink MC50BAT features a rechargeable built-in battery for outdoor and indoor use. When the battery is fully charged work without the need of a power source nearby is possible for many hours.

The LED lamp for the illumination system is powered by a LITHIUM battery. Estimated battery durability is approximately over 8 hours at continuous operation. Recharging time: ~ 5-6 hours; the microscope can be used while battery is being recharged. Battery is intended for 400 charges for about 20.000 hours total.

The included solar panal is a special feature which makes you independent of electric current or missing power source at all. The solar panel generates free power from the sun and converts sunlight into electricity; which the built-in battery is charged with.

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