Turntables for Petri dishes

Turntables for Petri dishes

Category: Bioscience Lab Support

Turntables for Petri dishes

electrically driven

electrically driven
l with sensor
l body from stainless-steel
l handling of the turntable contactless by sensor
l for Petri dishes up to Ø 100 mm (to Ø 150 mm optional)

For uniform plating of liquids on agar-surfaces in Petri dishes

Continuously adjustable, constant speed of 10-100 rpm and continuously adjustable operating time of 3 s to 2 min or permanent running.

Optional connection of a foot-switch.

Technical Data

Dimensions (Ø x h)

160 x 70 mm


approx. 1 kg

Wall power supply: 12 V DC, 5 VA
Speed continuously variable adjustable 10-100 rpm
Operating time variable adjustable 3 s - 2 min / permanent running

Turntables for Petri dishes of other diameters available on request.
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