PN-31  Puller

PN-31 Puller

Category: Microforges - Grinders - Pullers

PN-31  Puller

Puller for producing long, thin, sharp microneedles.

This puller uses a pulling method by which a glass capillary is fine-drawn using electromagnetic force. The long draw-out volume and employment of a strong electromagnetic solenoid enable the production of long, sharp microneedles. The pulling tension can be adjusted over a wide range, from weak tension for gradual pulling of the glass capillary at the beginning to strong tension for the single-stretch draw-out required to make a long, thin microneedle. The heater uses a platinum plate which heats up quickly, so pulling can begin immediately, with no time-lag. Digital values, with the maximum output of the electromagnet and heater represented as 100, are shown on the display, making it easier to mass-produce large quantities of identical microneedles of uniform quality.

* The PN-31 is designed specifically for pulling 1mm or 1.2mm O.D. borosilicate glass capillaries.

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