Heated Stages to image zebra fish embrios

Heated Stages to image zebra fish embrios

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Heated Stages to image zebra fish embrios

This heater is for 50mm glass bottom dishes. Optical clearance is 40mm or 28.5mm. Can be used with smaller chambers and 35mm dishes, if combined with reducing adapter-rings. Requires a microscope adapter, specify microscope model when ordering.  Can be used with an optional  temperature probe holder, to position inside the dish.




76mm diameter

Temperature stability:

0.01°C, required for sensitive applications: nano/piezo positioning, confocal imaging for example

Optical clearance:

40mm or 30mm

Use with:

50mm dishes, Petri dishes, including 35mm glass bottom dishes

Solution Pre-heater:

Replaceable/Removable PTFE tubing, easy to wash. Can be replaced with any soft tubing with O.D. up to 2.3mm.

Microscope adapter:

Fits to 74mm cutout of standard microscope adapters

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