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FOBI / Fluorescence-labeled Organism Bioimaging Instrument

FOBI is a bioimaging instrument which images and analyzes fluorescence signal from fluorescence labeled organism.
FOBI uses light source and filter that are optimized for Green fluorescence and NIR to distinguish background and signal without preprocessing.
Diffused LED light makes the results more reliable as it reduces variations in position.
Not only highly sensitive images but also movies can be acquired by FOBI.
Its simple design and program allows ease of use and quick acquisition of data.

  • Compact size (260x260x400mm), Just connect USB cable to PC.
  • Easy to use-Use it easier than digital camera. every prcess will be done with just one click.
  • Fast- Fluorescence signal detect, Take real time imaging.
  • Powerful- Perfect background signal remove, Fluorescence intensity quantitative analysis.
  • Economical - Better performance than price

It is possible to take an image of tumorization animal using stable expressed GFP tumor cell line.
FOBI can check the antitumor activity without sacrificing the animals by intensity measuring.
FOBI can determine the location and extent of the cancer metastasis by tracking the fluorescence signal.

Cell tracking
FOBI can confirm survival and location of target cell that made by variety purposes.
There are several problems with introduction of the fluorescence gene using a viral,
stem cells and immune cells can check  In Vivo after staining the cells using a fluorescent dye.

Ex Vivo
The results of In vivo imaging data can confirm once again by Ex vivo imaging.
Fluorescence signal can expressed continuously after animal was sacrificed. It is possible to quantify the fluorescence image again thru obtain the separation.
Ex vivo data that obtained as above can be good evidence and increase the reliability of the test.

FOBI can take imaging and quantitative analysis in plant leaves.
It's very hard thing because Chlorophyll's auto fluorescence. FOBI's color camera can taking not only GFP's green fluorescence but also red fluorescence. So you can also check the plants' health condition. You can check both of GFP analysis and health condition at one leaf. FOBI can take imaging at seed and callus. You can check the function thru whole period of growth and regeneration.


Fluorescence imaging analysis can exactly quantitative analysis by remove background.

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