Train/Delay Generator - DG2A

Train/Delay Generator - DG2A

Category: Amplifiers, Stimulators, Data Acquisition, Electrophysiology

DIGITIMER - Train/Delay Generator - DG2A

The DG2A is a compact, free-standing, battery powered instrument which can be used to generate trigger pulses required for repetitive stimulation. Also featuring DELAY controls, it is useful for determining nerve or axonal Effective Refractory Period (ERP) through the production of a delayed second pulse.
Various modes allow output pulses to be produced singularly (SINGLE), continuously (FREE-RUN & GATED) or in a burst (TRAIN), with the burst/train duration and pulse frequency determined by the front panel controls. In each of the modes (except FREE-RUN), outputs can be initiated either by the front panel push button, a TTL compatible trigger/gating pulse or a suitable foot

The unit has control of train duration over three full decades, pulse repetition rate (or
frequency) within that train over five decades and control of the delayed pulse over three decades. It has two BNC output sockets (i) the SYNC output produces a pulse to trigger recording devices or synchronise other equipment and (ii) the OUT output produces either a delayed version of the same or by toggle switch selection, pairs of delayed and non-delayed
pulses (as would be necessary for ERP studies).
The unit is especially suitable for use with our DS2A Isolated Constant Voltage and DS3 Isolated Current Isolated Stimulators which have their own Pulse Duration controls.
A mounting frame (part number D121-11) is available so that two units of either DG2A, DS2A or DS3 can be mounted in 19" rack.
The instrument is powered by an internal 9V battery (PP3 - 6R61 style) and replaces our DG2 Trigger Generator.

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