Hum Bug 50/60 Hz

Hum Bug 50/60 Hz

Category: Noise Eliminator, electrical interference

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Humbug Noise Eliminator

A New Solution
Quest is proud to introduce the Hum Bug -- a new approach to Noise Control. This is a powerful new technology for ancelling electrical interference in real-time, avoiding all of the traditional problems associated with notch filters. The Hum Bug constructs a replica of noise present on the input signal and continuously subtracts this replica from the signal as it passes through the instrument. It performs this function in the presence of biological activity even when noise characteristics evolve over time.

The Hum Bug is not a filter. It does not create phase delays, amplitude errors, DC shifts or waveform distortion. Simply connect it between your preamplifier and any analysis equipment and it will automatically eliminate 50/60 Hz noise and harmonics with frequencies up to several kHz. Noise is eliminated without altering the signal of interest even when frequencies within the signal overlap with noise components. No settings or adjustments are required.

The HumBug eliminates 50/60Hz electrical interference as well as more complicated noise signals without distorting the raw waveform recordings. The HumBug also does not introduce Frequency Loss, a DC Voltage Shift, Signal Attenuation, or a Phase error recorded signal.

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