doppler flow velocity system
doppler flow velocity system

doppler flow velocity system

Category: Animal Surgery & PreClinical tools

NonInvasive Cardiac Assessment in Rodents, Fish and other species

The Indus Doppler Flow Velocity System (DFVS) is a proven and cost-effective alternative to conventional imaging systems. Small handheld probes easily and reliably measure blood velocity in the heart and the arteries of rodents, fish and other animal models making serial studies of cardiac and arterial function available to more labs than ever before.
With a proven track record of more than 100 publications, the Indus DFVS is an important instrument for any cardiovascular lab. It can be used as an alternative to complex, invasive surgical models and offers blood flow velocity measurements and functional calculations not possible with traditional imaging systems and their larger probes.

As the life span of our population grows increasingly longer, it has never been more important to translate basic research into clinically relevant applications and appropriate therapies.
Noninvasive techniques have advanced to measure robust parameters, such as blood flow velocity, in rodents. These advancements permit comprehensive assessment of cardiovascular function while avoiding complicated surgical procedures required with other instrumentation.

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