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Noise and vibration Turner Noise and vibration Turner

Noise and vibration Turner

Category: Noise Eliminator, electrical interference

With a focus on better science and improved animal welfare, Turner items are used from more then 20 years of research experience to help animal facilities monitor and mitigate noise and vibration concerns.  Customize services to monitor noise, ultrasonic noise and vibration in the lab animal space.

Better Monitoring. Better Science

for assessing the conditions to which animals are exposed - both in rooms and cages

  • Fully mobile, allowing measurements anywhere in the lab animal space.

  • Can also be permanently installed for long-term monitoring.

  • Allows acquisition and logging of temperature, humidity, light, noise, and vibration levels every second - 24 hours per day.

  • Built-in software overlays show the hearing ranges of a variety of animal species, making it simple to know if they can hear what is being measured.

  • All sensors, software, and computer hardware is included.


Vibration Products -

VivAlarm 24-Hour Vibration Monitor

  • Just like the VivAlarm 24 Noise, the VivAlarm 24 Vibration monitor is a stationary device used to monitor vibration in the vivarium space for applications, such as, construction projects and for animal models sensitive to stressors. Securing the accelerometer to a wall, floor or rack, results in a 24-hour collection of vibration levels.


Noise Products

"VivAlarm Mobile"

  • A convenient, easy-to- use, noise and ultrasonic noise measurement system for the lab animal research environment.
  • Fully mobile, allowing you to measure anywhere in the lab animal space.

"VivAlarm 24-Hour Monitoring"

  • VivAlarm 24 Noise is a stationary device used to monitor general noise in a vivarium for applications such as construction projects and for animal models sensitive to stressors. It provides a 24-hour collection of general noise in the space.


Threshold settings

  • The VivAlarm 24 Noise has threshold-setting capabilities to minimize false alarms. When a threshold is met, an alert is sent via text or email to the facility director, PI, construction personnel, or directly to Turner Scientific’s monitoring service, through a VPN (Virtual Private Network).


Data Logging

  • Noise data collected by VivAlarm 24 Noise can be archived up to 3 weeks on its internal hard drive. That data archive can be helpful for researchers to report the acoustic conditions of the vivarium in their scientific publications or to allow investigators to view and report on noise level trends. This can strengthen the credibility of your research by ensuring that your lab animals are not exposed to stress-inducing noise.


Help along the way

  • We can recommend the proper placement of the VivAlarm 24 Noise in your space as well as recommend thresholds settings and alerts, leaving you to focus on your science. Our IT service will help guide you though questions during set up and operation.



  • VivAlarm 24 Noise software is PC compatible.
  • Requires a PC computer for use.


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