MF-900 Narishige

MF-900 Narishige

Category: Microforges - Grinders - Pullers

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Multiple functions for making different kinds of microtools

Reflecting Narishige's long practical experience, the MF-900 offers a wide range of functions for making many different kinds of microtools by processing microneedle tips. An easy-to-use manipulator is provided for operating the heater and pipette, and the microscope is operated three-dimensionally with control close to the operator's hand.

Separate rotation mechanisms for vertical and horizontal movement allow the pipette to be approached at any angle, while a special device in the heater section can form it into any required shape.

As well as conventional scales, a protractor to measure angles is provided on the microscope eyepiece. With the heater turned

ON/OFF via a foot switch, and the heater section integrated into the microscope body, all control actions are performed easily

and precisely close to the operator's hand.

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