PC-100 Puller

PC-100 Puller

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The PC-100 is designed specifically for pulling ΓΈ1mm~1.5mm O.D. borosilicate glass capillaries. For pulling capillaries of different O.D. or different materials

PC-100 is a compatible model with PC-10. The basic function remains the same. Operability is greatly improved.

  • Simple and easy to use; set-up is easier than ever.
  • Digital display clearly shows status and setting.
  • Heating value can be adjusted as needs, even after the needle is placed in the heater coil.
  • Acrylic cover closes securely.
  • Elapsed time (from the "START" to end.) shows on display.
  • The slider unit is protected from dust and debris.

Vertical pull type with automated double mode for improved versatility

The method used by this puller is to pull the glass capillary vertically using the gravitational force of its own weight. For more versatility, two modes are provided: a single pull, which pulls at one stretch, and a double pull in which the setting is change in mid-process.

The PC-10 can therefore produce long, thin microneedles for injection purposes, and firm microelectrodes for patch clamping. The change of setting in the double pull mode can be preset and then performed automatically, which represents a drastic saving of labor over conventional methods. Digital values, with the maximum output of the electromagnet and heater represented as 100, are shown on the display and the heater output is continually increased, making accurate mass production easier. This puller has several simple features to enhance ease of use, such as the employment of two weights (light and heavy) for tension adjustment.

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