MultiPulse Stimulator D185

MultiPulse Stimulator D185

Category: Amplifiers, Stimulators, Data Acquisition, Electrophysiology

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Transcranial stimulation with trains of electric shocks permits rapid assessment of the functional continuity of the motor pathways. The use of MultiPulse stimulation results in much larger amplitude MEPs whilst using standard anaesthetic protocols allowing easier qualitative assessment of evoked responses. This technique complements the continuous monitoring of sensory evoked potentials (SEPs) during spinal and aortic surgery. The D185 is easily interfaced with neuro-monitoring equipment, allowing you to add MEPs to your monitoring protocols without replacing your existing equipment.

By listening to users, we have incorporated their requests into the "Mark IIa”. This features front panel selection of output polarity, multiturn control of output stimulus and external, rear panel selection of trigger characteristics. Special circuitry has also The Benefits of MEP Monitoring without Replacing Your IOM System >10,000 Documented Cases Demonstrate Safety and Efficacy The Only FDA Cleared Standalone Stimulator for TceMEPs been added to reduce the stray mains frequency pickup below perceptible levels.

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