NE-4000 Double Syringe Pump

NE-4000 Double Syringe Pump

Category: Syringe Pumps Programmable/Infusion

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Note: Thi s model operates the same as the NE-1010 except it can use two different sized syringes.

If your product, production, or research requires preci se control of fluid di spensing, the NE-1000 family of syringe pumps is your most cost effective solution. The NE-4000 is a stand-alone, fully automated, dispensing system.

The NE-4000 was developed after years of design experience responding to requests for what an Infusion/Withdrawal pump should be:

An economical pump packed with features.
A pump desi gned for control and automation.
A pump desi gned for a real world environment.
A pump built with common sense.

Whether you are an end-user of syringe pumps or have an OEM application, New Era Pump Systems wants to be your source for syringe pumps. New Era Pump Systems will work with you to solve your most complex dispensing applications. The mechanics and firmware can be modified to meet any custom application.

Automate your research. Generate consi stent and reliable test results.
Quickly program complex di spense s from the keypad with built-in programming.
Communicate with computer s and sensor s with R S-232 and TTL.
Reduce labor costs.

Problem: How do I get control of the dispensing of multiple fluids?

Solution: Attach two or more NE-4000 family of syringe pumpss to each other and external sensors. Each pump can be individually setup to coordinate its dispensing with the other pumps and sensors. With a computer attached to the system, new production setups can be sent to the pumps to quickly reconfigure the pumps for a new application.

Get the mo st out of your c apital equipment budget

Instead of purchasing limited function equipment, hire design personnel to build hardware and program computers - purchase a system that can be quickly reconfigured for new applications.

Contact, us today to discuss how the NE-1000 family of syringe pumps can meet your fluid dispensing needs.

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