Automate Perfusion Systems

Automate Perfusion Systems

Category: Perfusion Systems

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Unattended solution switching
Avoid vibrations from switching valves by hand. The ValveBank or ValveLink8.2 controller handles all solution delivery so that you can watch results – not switch stopcocks. Many special features are included for easy perfusion control. Low noise circuitry.

Increased reproducibility
Valve switching is accurate to 0.01 seconds with programs up to 99 hours long under microprocessor control. Consistent liquid delivery means better data.

Pinch & Teflon™ and Lee™ Valves
Choose between speed, cost, and ease of cleaning. Several options are available for fittings and reservoirs.

Manual and external valve control
Flexible design. Easy cleaning and calibration. Slave mode valve operation controlled by your computer, pClamp, Pulse, Acquire, LabView, AxoGraph, etc.

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