Geiger Counter model 900
Geiger Counter model 900 Geiger Counter model 900

Geiger Counter model 900

Category: GEIGER Radiation & Gas Detectors


The Mini-monitor serves as a portable or bench top style radiation counter available with a variety of different probes to accommodate most of your radiation detection needs.

  • Several Configurations available
  • Battery or Line
  • Powered
  • Very Affordable

The 900 Series of radiation counters are well established in teaching, research, hospital and industrial laboratories. Their reliability and convenient design are particularly attractive for industrial hygiene applications or where budgets are tight.

These instruments feature a large logarithmically scaled meter with an open scale at the lower end to show background levels of radiation while displaying high levels without switching. A built-in speaker provides audible feedback of the radiation intensity while the user is performing the measurement. An alarm can be set to trip at any level on the scale.

To support its versatile use and portability, the Mini-900’s are packaged in a durable, lightweight aluminium case. Operation may be conducted on either battery power or by mains operation using a separate power unit. Included is an internal constant current charger for rechargeable batteries.

Each unit comes with a comprehensive manual containing tables and curves of response to different radiations and other useful information.

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