Digilert 100

Digilert 100

Category: GEIGER Radiation & Gas Detectors

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The Digilert 100 measures alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays. Its digital display shows readings in your choice of counts per minute (CPM) or mR/hr, or in accumulated counts. A red LED flashes and beeper sounds with each count detected and when the radiation reaches a user set alert level.

Halogen-quenched GM tube with mica end window. Mica window density 1.5-2.0 mg/cm2. Effective window diameter is .360 inch. Side wall is .012 inch thick.

4-digit liquid crystal display with mode indicators. Display updates every 60 sec.

Operating Range
mR/hr: .001 (1 μR) to 100
CPM: 0 to 100,000
Total: 0 to 120,000 counts
Optional - μSv/hr: .01 to 1000

+/-10% typical, +/-15% maximum.

Gamma Sensitivity
1000 CPM/mR/hr referenced to Cs-1 37.

Count Light
Red LED flashes with each count.

Audio Indicator
Sounds with each count (can be switched off for silent operation).

Pulsating beeper sounds the alert. Three separate adjustable alert levels are used for mR/hr, CPM, μSv/hr:, and Total.

Energy Sensitivity
Detects alpha down to 2.5 MeV; typical detection efficiency at 3.6 MeV is greater than 80%. Detects beta at 50 keV with typical 35% detection efficiency. Detects beta at 150 keV with typical 75% detection efficiency. etects gamma and x-rays down to 10 keV typical through the window, 40 keV minimum through the case. Normal background is 5-20 CPM.

Dual miniature jack sends counts to CMOS- compatible devices, including computers, data loggers, and educational data collection systems. Submini jack provides audio output to an external earpiece, amplifier, or tape recorder.

Readout will hold at full scale in high radiation fields as high as 100 times the maximum reading.

Battery Life
Battery life is typically 2000 hours at normal background radiation levels. (One 9-volt alkaline battery.)

Temperature Range
-10° to +50°C (14° to 122° F)

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