EAG System

EAG System

Category: EAG Chemoreception Insect Electrophysiology


Instruments for electrophysiological and behavioural research, particularly for the study of insect chemoreception and related fields. The current product range is rather broad and comprises instruments for electrophysiology, data-acquisition, biodetectors for gas chromatography, activity and motion detectors, olfactometers, portable instrumentation for field research, multi-channel and multi-mode detectors, as well as software dedicated to
ElectroAntennography (EAG), Single Sensilum Recording (SSR) , coupled GC-EAD and GC-SSR, and for multichannel (up to 16) signal recording and analysis.

Development and production of biophysical instrumentation for the study of insect chemoreception

Electroantennogram, flight orientation, and oviposition responses of Aedes aegypti to the oviposition pheromone n-heneicosane

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