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s third-generation stereomicroscope, PZMIII, is an ideal tool for tissue dissection, cell injection, specimen manipulation, electrode inspection, and many other applications that require a magnified, stereo viewing and ample working distance. It offers the leading brand’s quality and performance at an affordable price. Advanced optics provide the sharpest image that can only be found among the best of this class. It is superior to many stereomicroscopes costing almost twice as much. Zooming is achieved by a spring-loaded nub that is smooth and effortless. The compact size and light weight make it more stable and easily manipulated on the boom stand. A specially designed photo/ video module can easily upgrade the binocular PZMIII to a trinocular microscope at any time for photo, video, or digital imaging. In addition, an extensive list of optional accessories is available that can make the PZMIII suitable for almost any bio-research applications requiring a stereomicroscope. See next page for options (if the item you seek is not listed, please call WPI).

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