Precision SurgioScope

Precision SurgioScope

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Precision SurgioScope

Ideal for small animal surgery


  • Motorized focusing system, allows hands-free operation.
  • Light weight, compact and easy to maneuver. Weighs only 70 lb.
  • Dual bulbs prevent illumination failure during surgery.
  • Optional video adapter.
  • Improved view field.
  • Convenient handles.
  • Five magnification steps.

WPI’simproved precision SurgioScope (now with five magnification steps) is a portable high quality surgical microscope offering outstanding image quality and value. Incorporating an agile extension arm and excellent working distance objectives, the SurgioScope provides convenient movement and maneuverability necessary for accurate positioning. These important features, together with a high quality optical system, provide sharp image contrast and enhanced large field of vision. The SurgioScope comes fully equipped with a foot-controlled motorized focusing system, normally only found in more expensive surgical microscopes. A unique dual lamp housing enables safe and rapid changing of the lamp during an operation, without the need to power down. The optional video port on the “T” version permits operational procedures to be monitored or recorded simultaneously using a video recorder and a COLCAM video camera.

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