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MultiPulse Stimulator D185
MultiPulse Stimulator D185

Transcranial stimulation with trains of electric shocks permits rapid assessment of the functional continuity of the motor pathways.


HL-U: to connect to all U-type headstages

electrodes and electrode holders
electrodes and electrode holders

Electrodes and electrode holders



Muscle Physiology Research Aurora
Muscle Physiology Research Aurora Specialises in the design and manufacture of research instruments. Our main product line is designed for muscle physiology research but we also offer products...
DS2A-Mk.II & DS3 Isolated Stimulators
DS2A-Mk.II & DS3 Isolated Stimulators DIGITIMER - DS2A-Mk.II & DS3 Isolated Stimulators Brief pulses of electricity are used in various biomedical research applications as a stimulus to excite...
Train/Delay Generator - DG2A
Train/Delay Generator - DG2A DIGITIMER - Train/Delay Generator - DG2A The DG2A is a compact, free-standing, battery powered instrument which can be used to generate trigger pulses...
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