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Master-8 & Master-8-CP Stimulator
Master-8 & Master-8-CP Stimulator

Master-8 is an eight channel general purpose stimulator for nerve and muscle stimulation procedures.

Iso-flex Isolator
Iso-flex Isolator The Flexible Stimulus Isolator. Each isolator should receive its input at its proper time: One to drive the positive phase of the bipolar pulse and the other...
Bare Wire
Bare Wire Bare Wire is available in various metal compositions to meet a wide variety of research needs. Platinum-Iridium, Platinum, Silver, Gold, Stainless Steel,...
AM 1800
AM 1800 Microelectrode AC Amplifier is a two-channel, differential amplifier equipped with Head Stage probes and is intended for extracellular recording and/or...
DS7A Digitimer Stim
DS7A Digitimer Stim The Digitimer High Voltage Stimulator model DS7A provides constant current high voltage pulses of brief duration for percutaneous stimulation during investigation...
MultiClamp 700B
MultiClamp 700B

A Computer - Controlled Dual Channel Resistive - Feedback Patch Clamp and High-Speed Current Clamp Amplifier

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