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Master-8 & Master-8-CP Stimulator
Master-8 & Master-8-CP Stimulator

Master-8 is an eight channel general purpose stimulator for nerve and muscle stimulation procedures.

Iso-flex Isolator
Iso-flex Isolator The Flexible Stimulus Isolator. Each isolator should receive its input at its proper time: One to drive the positive phase of the bipolar pulse and the other...
Bare Wire
Bare Wire Bare Wire is available in various metal compositions to meet a wide variety of research needs. Platinum-Iridium, Platinum, Silver, Gold, Stainless Steel,...
MultiClamp 700B
MultiClamp 700B

A Computer - Controlled Dual Channel Resistive - Feedback Patch Clamp and High-Speed Current Clamp Amplifier

AM 1800
AM 1800 Microelectrode AC Amplifier is a two-channel, differential amplifier equipped with Head Stage probes and is intended for extracellular recording and/or...
DS7A Digitimer Stim
DS7A Digitimer Stim The Digitimer High Voltage Stimulator model DS7A provides constant current high voltage pulses of brief duration for percutaneous stimulation during investigation...
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