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Licking sensor
Licking sensor

Licking sensor

Rat & Mouse Standard Chambers
Rat & Mouse Standard Chambers Built for long-lasting durability and easy cleaning, our front/top-loading operant chamber is constructed of .032 in stainless steel and .25 in polycarbonate.
Olfaction Products
Olfaction Products Olfaction Products ASI’s neuroscience products consist of olfaction products which characterize the scent delivered from an olfactometer and mechanical...
MK 725
MK 725 MK-725 Low-Cost Multi-Channel Running Wheel System is designed to measure spontaneous activity levels of mice accurately and is suitable for a quantitative...
Forced Exercise Systems for Rats & Mice
Forced Exercise Systems for Rats & Mice

The wheels incorporate a swing-hatch for easy animal loading and removal.

Staircase Test for Rats & Mice
Staircase Test for Rats & Mice The staircase apparatus provides a simple, efficient and easy way to quantify the testing of skilled paw reaching for both the rat and the mouse (see...
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